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The Monster She Wrote Podcast

Nov 2, 2021

Following our discussion of Elsa Lanchester and her iconic role as The Bride of Frankenstein, we wanted to take another look at another one of her iconic films, this time, Bell, Book, and Candle. In the film, Gillian is a shop owner--and a secret witch. Using her occult powers (and her cat familiar, Pyewacket), Gillian sets out to woo her neighbor, the handsome and engaged Shep, using a love spell. Elsa Lanchester stands out in her role as Gillian’s magical Aunt Queenie. 

Recommended in this episode: Stephen Graham Jones's The Only Good Indians, Stephen King's The Long Walk, and the classic Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein

UPCOMING ON NEXT EPISODE: “Dark Christmas” by Jeannette Winterson

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