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The Monster She Wrote Podcast

Aug 25, 2020

Hundreds Hall is a perfect place to set a Gothic novel. Once a grand place where the wealthy gathered for lavish parties, it is now crumbling, as the family bank accounts are swiftly diminishing. That does not stop the novel’s narrator, Faraday, from becoming obsessed with the estate. He remembers a time as a child, when enthralled with the home, he stole an acorn made of plaster, torn right off the wall. His obsession didn’t go away in adulthood, either--in fact, it only grows larger by the day. As a country doctor, he is called back to Hundreds Hall to treat a servant girl who has grown ill, and he uses this opportunity to insert himself into the lives of siblings Caroline and Roderick Ayres, the last remaining heirs. Faraday refuses to let go of his dreams of Hundreds Hall, but he may not be the only one with an unhealthy interest in the home. Are there ghosts that walk the halls? Or is it just an old home that needs the love and attention that only Faraday thinks he can offer? 

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