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The Monster She Wrote Podcast

Jun 15, 2021

Francis Stevens (1883-1948) was the pen name of Gertrude Barrows Bennett, aka “the woman who invented modern American dark fantasy.” Her story “Unseen--Unfeared,” an early example of weird fiction, was published in the February 10, 1919 issue of People’s Favorite Magazine. Like Tanith Lee’s “Yellow and Red,” in “Unseen--Unfeared,” we have yet another lesson about the horrors of photography. This time, however, we have a scientist trying to develop color plates, who unwittingly discovers the right shades of lighting to illuminate some rather nasty creatures. These horrifying-looking creatures are invisible to the naked human eye, yet they live in the world all around us, and, at times, may even be touching us. So, we invite you, listeners, to: See the Great Unseen! Come in! This means you! It is free to ALL!       

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