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The Monster She Wrote Podcast

Jun 13, 2023

Dirk has lost his wife, Joan, and he is devastated by grief. Joan was a pilot who crashed during a routine flight, and he knows there isn’t any hope of her survival because he was talking to her on the radio when she crashed. He knows she went down in the ocean with no land in sight, and he knows the search was futile. But, despite all evidence to the contrary, he still feels like there’s a chance she’s alive. He feels like there is a compass in his mind telling him precisely where to find her. He hires a plane and two pilots and begins a search of his own. What he finds, however, is beyond anything he could have imagined. There may have been an island near Joan’s crash site, and it has a very mysterious reputation among travelers. 


Margaret St. Clair’s story “The Island of the Hands” was originally published in Weird Tales Magazine in 1952.


Recommended in this episode: Renfield and Star Trek: Picard


UP NEXT: Nadia Bulkin’s “Wish  You Were Here” 

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