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The Monster She Wrote Podcast

Feb 7, 2023

When Edith Porter’s friend Abby sends her a cutting from a cactus she found while on a trip in Mexico, Edith decides to try to bring it back to life among her collection of cactus plants. To her surprise and delight, it turns green and begins to grow. And grow. And grow. It’s the fastest growing cactus she’s ever seen, and it doesn’t really look exactly like any other cactus, either. As the cactus gets bigger, Edith’s previously sedate life becomes increasingly strange, and although it seems absurd at first, she begins to wonder if the cactus is dangerous. 

Recommended in this episode: A Certain Hunger by Chelsea G. Summers and Cassandra Peterson’s Yours Cruelly, Elvira

NEXT EPISODE: The Between by Tananarive Due

Archived version of "The Cactus" can be found here.